Founders’ Community

We welcome discussions with potential sponsors interested in joining our Founders’ Community,  A community of 10 founding members who commit to fund the activities of the Institute at a level of US$50,000 per annum over a period of five years. Being part of this exclusive community will provide:

  • An opportunity to partake in research and receive regular updates and consultations
  • Guaranteed exclusive access to the Institute’s research ahead of general publication
  • Listing as a Founding Member on all publications for the duration of funding
  • Unlimited access to the Institute’s library and access to research staff for ad hoc enquiries
  • Five complimentary seats at all conferences
  • Five complimentary days of bespoke research or consultancy from the Institute’s senior managers per annum
  • Twenty five per cent discounted research fees
  • Two complimentary copies of all Institute publications

Current members of the Founders’ Community:

Contact us if you’re interested.