Impact of the PPP on Animal Life

One concern that seems to be overlooked during this project is the effect that the PPP is going to have on animal life. This is often a foregone thought for all policy makers, including economists.

Economists, for the most part, do not value the life of a dog to be all that much in their calculations. This is a shame given the amount of money that is spent on dog supplies each and every year. Also, the health benefit that dogs provide to humans cannot go unnoticed. Dog owners have been proven to have much higher quality of life satisfaction scores than those who do not own a dog. Also, dog owners tend to be much more active than their counterparts.

I wanted to bring this point to attention because of one our Founders’ Members, Joe, could be directly impacted by this. He feels that his voice isn’t being heard.

Joe runs a very successful website that focuses on dog crate reviews.Dog crates are by far the best selling staple for any dog owner – so much more-so than a dog bed or dog playpen. Dog crates are the first and foremost means of properly training your dog not to go to the bathroom in the house. Dog crates are the best place to have your dog sleep at night. Dog crates are the first place that your dog is going to run to when they’re scared. Dog crates are a must.

With the PPP that is going to go through, thousands of dog owners are going to be displaced and potentially have to give up their homes. Our estimates show that at least 25% of them will  have to give up their beloved canine companion. These dogs are more than likely going to go to the animal shelter and be euthanized.

What does this do for Joe’s business? It reduces the potential customer base that he can reach. This has a direct effect on his earning potential and his livelihood. What’s even crazier to think is that he’s being impacted despite being 10,000 miles away.

Since his dog crate review site is being effected, his customers are going to be effected. If he’s unable to constantly produce new reviews due to lack of capital, he’s not going to be able to maintain the site. Customers will then make uninformed dog crate purchases. Dissatisfaction amongst dog owners will rise, as will the amount of dogs in shelters. This, once again, reduces the amount being spent on dog supplies, thus hurting the economy and people’s health.

Hopefully the PPP has thought this through. This is juts one example of millions.