Our Research

We aim to rectify some of the problems that have emerged in infrastructure funding and asset delivery and we hope that the Institute will become the leading global centre for the study of large complex projects.

Our initial programme of research comprises the following studies:

  • The relevance of PPP in large complex programmes and the rise of new funding structures
  • Will the Middle East consume the majority of global funds for this asset class?
  • Why mega projects are delivered late and over-budget
  • The problem with airports. Are they viable or just necessary?
  • Dark Risk in complex infrastructure projects
  • Is the Keynesian multiplier a reliable measure of desirability?

To coincide with the launch of the institute we are publishing a preliminary report The Modern Mega Project: Can PPP Deliver?’

It is important that the Institute contributes regularly to the global debate on infrastructure development but we recognise that not everyone will require our research in its full form. To encourage dialogue, we will publish ‘thought pieces’ in third party publications and, in due course, launch our own infrastructure journal.